Royce Investment Corp. Ltd.


"...As you know, I had engaged another environmental company to complete Phase I and Phase 2 reports and to provide guidance on handling the aforementioned environmental issue.  However, I quickly discovered the environmental company I had previously engaged had great difficulty in explaining the issue at hand and in dealing with my concerns.

You were able to explain the situation using terms that I was familiar with and you were able to get to the crux of the matter very quickly.  You were able to suggest an alternate form of action that was not only more cost effective, but with the benefit of hindsight, the only appropriate option given my particular set of circumstances.

While you acted as my consultant in dealings with another environmental firm, it is my wish that you could have been engaged right from the start, to handle my issue in its entirety.  I am grateful for your professional and expeditious manner and it is without hesitation or reservation that I would recommend your services to anyone requiring any form of environmental reporting and consulting."  

-  Richard Brettschneider, Owner

Augusta Sportwear


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark Lehar, owner of Bifrost Environmental, for 45 years.  Mark is a subject matter expert in all issues environmental.  He has provided expert advice to me personally, and to the company I work for.  There is no one else I would turn to, depend upon and rely upon for any form of environmental advice and consulting services. 

Unfortunately in this day and age, environmental issues are front and center and will only become more significant as the climate changes.  Mark is on the leading edge of these issues and is my only source of factual environmental data and advice.  Before you invest in any asset, personally or corporately, consult Mark Lehar and his company Bifrost if you want to make sure that your investment is on solid environmental ground."

- Mike Rizner, Global Logistics and Compliance Manager