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Underground storage tank (UST) removal

The Bifrost (or Bifröst and pronounced BEEF-roast) is a part of the Old Norse mythology and is defined as the fleeting or shimmering, rainbow bridge that connects the world of the Gods, Asgard, with Earth, the world of Humanity.  It has also been called "the swaying road to heaven."  The Valkyries would take the souls of the fallen warriors across the Bifröst into Valhalla to live out eternity with their warrior brethren.

What better way to describe the Northern Lights, an apparent connection between the heavens and the earth during the times of the Ancients?

Like the bridge described in Old Norse mythology, Bifröst Environmental and Remediation Services Inc. will be the shining bridge between complex environmental issues that seem to exist in the realm of the Gods, and common-sense environmental solutions.  We will provide you, our Client, with explanations that bring your complex environmental issues back down to earth. 

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Are you buying or selling a piece of commercial or industrial real estate?  Does your bank require a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment for your property in order to refinance?  Have you inherited a piece of property that is a mess?  Did your business have a spill or release of chemical or petroleum products?  Are you looking to physically expand your business, but do not know what the condition of the land is where the addition is going to be built?  Ready to remove that old underground storage tank or clean up that old spill?  Have no idea what the regulations are asking of you?  Need  the services of someone familiar with environmental specialties?

We can help you get the answers for any of these and many other questions.  Come speak with us about your complex  environmental and remediation issues and we will provide you with explanations and a pathway to fixing those issues through our environmental services.


Contaminated soil in front of an above ground storage tank (AST) and a pump island

Leading Bifröst as the General Manager is Mr. Mark A. Lehar, a licensed Professional Geoscientist in the Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as a Certified Professional Geologist in the State of Indiana, and who has over 30 years of professional environmental experience and technical proficiency in all manner of environmental soil and groundwater site investigations.

Mr. Lehar can explain the intricacies of the environmental regulations to you and explain to you in layman's terms, exactly what they mean to you, and what will be required of you under the regulations.  He can take those complex environmental issues you find yourself having to deal with and can provide you with a path to a common-sense environmental solution, to bring you back to Earth.

We do apologize, but Mr. Lehar is not on a first name basis with any of the Valkyries.


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